Zeo Sleep Monitor


Brainwave Sleep Monitor. For training your best nights sleep

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As the aficionados of the Quantified Self Movement like to say, “what is tracked, improves.”

It’s shocking actually how much our sleep is affected by everyday habits and lifestyle choices. Sleep is not a dead zone of activity but a very subtle period of brain recharging and cellular recuperation for the entire body.  And because sleep is the most fundamental aspect of Lifestyle, the third factor of health, when we sleep poorly, other aspects of health invariably decline as well.

Basically, you cannot achieve your health potential without addressing your sleep quality.


A snapshot of a night of sleep using Zeo Sleep Coach.
Getting nightly insights into your brain activity under the cover of darkness can be addictive.

By and large, sleep tracking devices and smart phone apps on the market these days, work by actigraphy, which is the detection and analysis of muscular movement while you sleep. The movements can very crudely approximate the corresponding stage of sleep, because the different phases of sleep can each have telltale markers. This however is very prone to misinterpretation.

Therefore motion detector apps and devices offer nowhere near sleep-lab quality data. Whereas the Zeo has been clinically trialed to be between 85-95% as accurate as a research sleep lab!

How? Because it is actually monitoring your brain frequency activity directly via a discrete headband.

Update: Note stock of Zeo is now on hold – as new product developments set to launch an even more streamlined new EEG based sleep monitoring system in the near future.